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Imagine an integrated system for your short haul trucking needs.

That's Iron Sheepdog.

After decades in the construction industry, our founders were tired of the inefficiencies with dump truck fleet management. So we created a system that integrates the functionality of setting up jobs, tracking trucks and documenting project details, load verification, invoicing and payments.

Serving as a dispatch and fleet management solution, Iron Sheepdog aims to automate the short haul industry and eliminate many of the obstacles with a proven business model that marries customer service and reliable technology solutions.

If you’re frustrated with:
• Not knowing where your trucks are
• Project management taking up your time
• Cash flow challenges from needing to pay haulers before getting paid
• Time-consuming manual processes
• Lack of transparency
• Inefficient actionable data

Then it’s time to put Iron Sheepdog to work for you.


We’re not just a product: We’re your partner in moving materials.

Beyond offering the most sophisticated fleet management solution on the market, we’re committed to customer service.

“We're happy to have a partner in Iron Sheepdog that knows our industry, listens to our concerns and helps us address the issues of greatest importance.”
Jason Dunlavey
Paving Operation Manager,
Branscome Inc.

Current Iron Sheepdog operators have benefitted from a paperless system with direct deposit payment that is available as early as next day.

What you get with Iron Sheepdog:
• Track and verify loads electronically
• Digital documentation
• Dispatch services
• Manage materials movement
• Electronic invoicing
• Supply chain financing

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